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Walk Down the Aisle: Navpreet

It was our pleasure to accompany in spirit, customer Navpreet Thind on two of the most important days of his life. Navpreet wore Undandys on the day he proposed as well as part of the big day itself, and we spoke to him about his unique shoe designs for the occasion.

When & where did you get married?

Perhaps you are already aware of the longevity of the Indian weddings and the colourful ceremonies that take place along with it. In our case, it was no different. We had all of that and the wedding ceremony itself took place at a Sikh temple in Toronto, Canada on the 18th of January 2019.

Why did you choose Undandy?

Undandy gave me several style options and more importantly the colour combinations it provides. I being a vibrant person wanted shoes that has more character and would complement my attires and my wife’s at the same time since we had colour coordinating.

What design did you go for?

The day I proposed to my wife, I decided to go Classic yet stylish with some colour. I wore my black double-breasted suit accessorized with gold buttons and gold watch and gold bracelet and finally my Undandy 15’ boots in black and mustard boots made with calf leather. On the wedding day, I desperately wanted shoes with colour so they could match mine and wife’s colourful attires. I am so glad that Undandy had the colours that I wanted. I designed a pair of 15’ monk boots. They completed my outfit and caught the eyes of several people. I strongly feel that I wouldn’t have felt as special as I did without them.

Undandy Monk Strap Shoes Groom Wedding

What was your choice of suit?

I decided to go traditional with the outfit, jewellery and wanted to achieve a royal look like how the Indian royalty used to dress up in the past. At the same time, I wanted to customize everything with the best quality fabrics for the outfit, diamonds used for the jewellery and the leather for my shoes in order to do complete justice to the look I was aiming for.

Any advice for future grooms?

I would advise future grooms to never compromise on your footwear. Spend on the good quality product if you can because the type of shoes you wear depicts your personality and character. It shows how much you love and care for yourself. And if you don’t even love yourself then how can you love someone else. Shoes really make you stand out from the crowd and attracts the eyes of everyone, particularly the ladies.

Something to share that was a particularly fun or memorable moment?

One of the most fun moments was when everyone was teasing my wife about the competition regarding dressing, she is going to have with me for the rest of our lives. Especially after seeing my shoes, they were joking that the groom seems dressed up than the bride!

Life philosophy?

My life philosophy is very simple. You work hard and you enjoy your life even harder. You go out there and do things that make you happy and dress up your best every time you step out of the house. You never know when it’s last time you dress up.

Undandy Wedding Shoes Monk Strap

Our warmest congratulations to Navpreet and his beautiful bride. Here’s to good health, good principles and above all, good shoes!